Clipping paths.

Creating a clipping path around a subject allows it to be isolated from its background. Clipping paths are often used to create cutouts but there are many other creative possibilites. For example, it is possible to drop the subject onto an entirely different background.

Laserite laser cutting machineAircraft Cockpit

Left : The machinery was shot on location in a workshop and required a simple clipping path to remove its background.
Right : The aircraft cockpit was shot on location in a hangar. Clipping paths were drawn inside the windows, the background removed and replaced with an aerial landscape.

Roomes SofaBreitling Watch

Left : The two pictures on the wall behind the sofa were added after the roomset was photographed. After clipping paths were drawn, the pictures were dropped into position, distorted to suit the perspective and, finally, drop shadows were added.
Right : After creating a clipping path, the watch was retouched extensively to enhance its features. The strap edges were blurred to add depth and, finally, a reflection was added.

Zelley BanglesCorner Unit

Left : The bangles were shot on a white background which reproduces as a pale grey. The background was then isolated from the bangles with a clipping path and bleached white but leaving the shadows in place. This ensures a more natural look than a simple cutout and, at the same time, makes the jewellery 'jump' out of the page.
Right : Shot on location, this corner unit had a furniture showroom visible behind it. After drawing clipping paths, the showroom was removed and replaced with windows, to which a parkland scene was added.