Image manipulation and composition.

Artful Image often create composite pictures from a variety of elements. Below is a representative sample of images, showing both the finished picture and the elements used to create it.

Brundle Front CoverBrundle Front Cover

All elements were shot separately, cut out using clipping paths and manipulated to create a single image. Distortion and fire were added to the text, a reflection created, outer glow added to the wrought iron and lettering added to the anvil.

Finchley Road InteriorFinchley Road Interior Elements

A wide-angle lens makes it possible to photograph in confined spaces but, for domestic interiors, the distortions are often unsatisfactory. A 'standard' lens, which most closely resembles the focal length of the human eye, is usually preferable. To capture the whole scene, a series of pictures must be taken and stitched together. The extra work is justified by the end result, which shows the room as the eye would see it.


The barrel and point required totally different lighting to the shaft and flight so it made sense to photograph them separately. After stitching the two elements together and retouching blemishes, a clipping path was drawn and the image cut out.

Striped Sofa RoomsetPlain Sofa Roomset

The roomset, on the right, was an image supplied to my client by the manufacturer. It was decided to reshoot the sofa in a striped fabric but in the client's showroom. After photographing the item, matching the angle and lighting to the original, a clipping path was applied to isolate it from its showroom background. The sofa was then dropped into position on the supplied image, blending it into the background and obscuring the underlying plain sofa.