Most pictures need a degree of retouching, whether destined for press or internet. In order to illustrate what can be achieved, we show below a representative sample of 'before and after' images.

Target Darts FlightsTarget Darts Flights

Although the 'Pro Grip' branding didn't align consistently with the flight slots, it was felt that its position should appear central on the shaft. After further retouching and the creation of a clipping path, the image was finally presented as a cutout.

Roomes CarpetRoomes Carpet Sample

A frequent request is to extend elements within an image. To create a carpet from a sample is a relatively simple task but it's important to keep a close eye on continuity of texture and any repeat pattern.

Model RetouchedModel Unretouched

With the emphasis on creating natural shots, rigid poses are often rejected in favour of free movement. As a result, in addition to retouching the face, it's often necessary to spend extra time retouching hair and clothes.


After being shot with a tilt and shift lens to maintain sharpness from front to back, a clipping path was applied and the darts cut out. The shafts and flights were then blurred and lightened to emphasise the barrels and create a more modern and dynamic look. You can always blur a sharp picture but you can never sharpen a blurred one.